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Customer Service and state Medicaid offices doesn't have a state office locator. All state-related info doesn't appear to be aimed at citizens/customers... why is this? There is no comprehensive list you can access of all state Medicaid offices on any other .gov site, either. provides a place where you can find contact info for these offices, by state ( but Ohio and... more »

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Non-800 numbers for calling from abroad

I was out of the country with my dad when he had a medical emergency. He was carrying his Medicare and VA ID cards, and I tried to use them to contact the agencies to get information. Both the Medicare and VA cards include a toll-free telephone number to call for information. But toll-free numbers don't work outside the U.S. It wasn't just that they weren't toll-free -- the calls literally wouldn't connect.

This is why,... more »

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Idea for enhancing service provider to public by government.

celebrating the development works and projects of the partners on this issue.

A dialogue system where the development projects and programmes of the partners will be discussed and celebrated as a way of handling challenges.

Helping the volunteer with monthly/yearly grant.

managing reviews and decisions taking during the board meetings for maximum results on issues.

i have a system developed for demonstration to the... more »

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Government job recruitment

In some state government job, some candidates get confused because of misleading information in the job notification. Like, some time openings are for contractual or on consolidated pay but after few month/year of whole recruitment process(exams, interviews and joining) concerned board converts the recruitment in pay-scale. Lots of student don't apply for that job. After selection some top students don't join and opportunity... more »

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two-child policy for central & state government employees

I would request goverment to make two-child policy for central government employees and order states also make it.
Give permission to private & public companies also to make this policy.

Rajasthan govt. has done two-child policy for government employees in June 2000.
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