Learn from Existing platforms similar to "MyGov"

The "MyGov" idea is not completely new, so let's not reinvent the good parts if they already exist. That means looking at the existing, similar platforms (in govt. and elsewhere) to see what aspects are working and what is lacking.

For example: There is a platform called "USAjobs.gov" that is operated by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that provides a personalized email-alerts to individuals who want receive... more »


Streamline Change of Address

When I move I have to update my address in all my accounts online. This is time consuming and I don't always remember to update all of my accounts. It would be great if the Post Office (or some other org) would be the master directory for my address. Sites could be granted access to my address and automatically have my updated address when it is changed at the USPTO's site.


Deeper FAFSA/IRS Integration

Federal Student Aid and the IRS formed a great partnership that has made it a lot easier to complete the FAFSA. The IRS Data Retrieval tool allows users (who are eligible) to automatically pull their tax info into their FAFSA. This has been a great improvement, however, more can be done. Why should users have to provide this information twice? If people are already sending their income info to the IRS, why can't they... more »


Government sites not kept up-to-date

Too often, I encounter .gov web pages that have woefully outdated "Last Updated" dates. Just one small example is http://www.fws.gov/info/pocketguide/fieldlocations.html, which hasn't been updated since 2010. How can you trust that the information provided is accurate if it's clear that no one has audited it recently?


ALERTS.GOV: Common directory and control for all govt push data

Just as we have Data.gov to provide a single point of discovery for all government data, we should have an "Alerts.gov" that catalogs all the thousands of alerting and subscription services provided by the government. Today, it is simply too hard to troll through all the government web sites to discover what might be available.

Ideally, Alerts.gov would also allow a user to have a single shared interface for viewing... more »


we can simplify, fill positions while we go figure covering all!


this is a good ex; i see posts from 11 months ago. yet i just got an email wednesday, after another one prior saying i was not accepted for fellowship, from my previous request only to communicate from afar. so this fine detail of threads annalized shows us both to be of some misunderstanding, that is not efficient.

without studying more after a few quick reviews of the posts 11 months ago i say this, only because... more »


Website showing my balance sheet with the government

How about a website that would aggregate all government receipts and payments associated with my social security number. Receipts would be items such as income taxes and FICA I paid into the "system" and would appear as positive numbers. Payments would include any benefits I received and would appear as negative numbers. Benefits would include social security payments, disability payments, food stamps, housing and... more »


Common Service Integrations

Considering the number of Government services provided, you'll want to start small and prioritize the most requested services to integrate into a MyGov. Initially, being able to get people to the services they need (even if you haven't integrated technologically) would be extremely helpful. Some services that you could initially add, or integrate, would be:

* Postal Service change of address (saw this in another idea...great... more »


use nature`s enhanced limits as a guide + focus direct ....

ecologically we put gauges as in agro-ecology in place as in Miguel Alteri`s curriculum + we all associate our priorities as we understand how efficient humans work best. + if we share process it becomes more friendly to rid our misunderstandings;

Miguel knows true global food problems. we all share the common denominator of requiring local grown natural raised food. + food sovereingty, protecting local commons in every... more »


sustainability ..

i share a segment from our part 2 of project osic which i'm editing now to soon upload on our forum;


This is an awareness issue that can be displayed in a nice webpage of what all think best/or co_evolve an exisiting or we continue on own;

of how to `boon with our local natural world, so we can ground... more »


building neuro networks, to link globally, living sustainably..

people please realize it is important to have reflection, to have networks to come together in tapering transitions, as each locally make this happen. so now all see the local natural enhanced limits to taper down their business/interpersonal misuse/abuse.
we feel we can now use the good gauges to do this as in agro_ecology as we set priorities as we together focus direct, our ex: the students in project osic, or better... more »


plug into effciency, i can't wait..

i will be very happy to be a local, global + beyond representitive of this medium, if you make a platform that is efficient.

maybe then i will not have to reach out seeking, I share my last request on New America, to trigger your thought in how i could plug into yours + take part;

i'v just come across you.

please tell me, it appears one donates, then we can comment, + to receive updates it is free, correct, by posting... more »