Customer Service

Idea for enhancing service provider to public by government.

celebrating the development works and projects of the partners on this issue.


A dialogue system where the development projects and programmes of the partners will be discussed and celebrated as a way of handling challenges.


Helping the volunteer with monthly/yearly grant.


managing reviews and decisions taking during the board meetings for maximum results on issues.


i have a system developed for demonstration to the rest of the executives here on how we can get the best service provided on this issue. i will appreciate all sponsorship to come on board and make this known to all inn teaching. i have tried it before and it works for some government. i know it will work here too. pls write me on or call on +233542363871.


Good presentation of developed system that will enhance the service providing system of the government.


i will expect an invitation and a sponsorship package to come n board and make the presentation.


Idea No. 69