Deeper FAFSA/IRS Integration

Federal Student Aid and the IRS formed a great partnership that has made it a lot easier to complete the FAFSA. The IRS Data Retrieval tool allows users (who are eligible) to automatically pull their tax info into their FAFSA. This has been a great improvement, however, more can be done. Why should users have to provide this information twice? If people are already sending their income info to the IRS, why can't they... more »


Streamline Change of Address

When I move I have to update my address in all my accounts online. This is time consuming and I don't always remember to update all of my accounts. It would be great if the Post Office (or some other org) would be the master directory for my address. Sites could be granted access to my address and automatically have my updated address when it is changed at the USPTO's site.


Government sites not kept up-to-date

Too often, I encounter .gov web pages that have woefully outdated "Last Updated" dates. Just one small example is, which hasn't been updated since 2010. How can you trust that the information provided is accurate if it's clear that no one has audited it recently?


Build for Future Innovation

I'd like to see an architectural approach that leaves the door open for innovation by future developers. MyGov could create a set of cloud-hosted RESTful APIs allowing not just the Federal Government, but other developers building their own apps outside the bounds of federal funding, to access data and perform operations that constituents need in their day-to-day interactions with government. In terms of infrastructure,... more »

Customer Service

Non-800 numbers for calling from abroad

I was out of the country with my dad when he had a medical emergency. He was carrying his Medicare and VA ID cards, and I tried to use them to contact the agencies to get information. Both the Medicare and VA cards include a toll-free telephone number to call for information. But toll-free numbers don't work outside the U.S. It wasn't just that they weren't toll-free -- the calls literally wouldn't connect. This is why,... more »

Customer Service and state Medicaid offices doesn't have a state office locator. All state-related info doesn't appear to be aimed at citizens/customers... why is this? There is no comprehensive list you can access of all state Medicaid offices on any other .gov site, either. provides a place where you can find contact info for these offices, by state ( but Ohio and... more »



Learn from Existing platforms similar to "MyGov"

The "MyGov" idea is not completely new, so let's not reinvent the good parts if they already exist. That means looking at the existing, similar platforms (in govt. and elsewhere) to see what aspects are working and what is lacking. For example: There is a platform called "" that is operated by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that provides a personalized email-alerts to individuals who want receive... more »


Common Service Integrations

Considering the number of Government services provided, you'll want to start small and prioritize the most requested services to integrate into a MyGov. Initially, being able to get people to the services they need (even if you haven't integrated technologically) would be extremely helpful. Some services that you could initially add, or integrate, would be: * Postal Service change of address (saw this in another idea...great... more »



ALERTS.GOV: Common directory and control for all govt push data

Just as we have to provide a single point of discovery for all government data, we should have an "" that catalogs all the thousands of alerting and subscription services provided by the government. Today, it is simply too hard to troll through all the government web sites to discover what might be available. Ideally, would also allow a user to have a single shared interface for viewing... more »


website should have easy translation of links

Government websites should contain less no. of pages and must be user friendly.

All important links must be highlighted with different graphical images or characters so that it can be easily identified and even a less educated people can also use it and don't have to suffer and waste their time.

For security reason it must ask for captcha image during every submission process.



When you heat nitrous oxide, it splits into oxygen and nitrogen. So the injection of nitrous oxide into an engine means that more oxygen is available during combustion. Because you have more oxygen, you can also inject more fuel, allowing the same engine to produce more power. Nitrous oxide is one of the simplest ways to provide a significant horsepower boost to any gasoline engine. Nitrous oxide has another effect that... more »