transparency + organization supports solutions locally + afar..

it is 11.30.2012 bickering still continues over the fiscal cliff discussion from supposedly highly responsible positions in our government. Meanwhile these people get paid yet they want more input from the public, as they continue with repeating drama + tactics + most likely as they have been will define right before deadline. Barack, if you had any savy you would stop this cold. + tell these people to go back into their local communities + become a responsible local participant eye to eye, not no 3 min town meeting, but actually do a walkabout.


This way when they come to work they do it efficiently as all are paying for their position. Nothing like what is being wasted now in time, energy, resources + most important the fear those that will be effected contionue to struggle as they already left behind..


then on to Congo, where this torturing genocide continues since 1994, UN recent special group report states US is not being efficient or responsible in filings as well how we support buying products, that continue to leave a negative effect on this long over due struggle. Barack, you had support, + Congolese people think if you implement your PL 109-456, that you + Hillary Clinton cosponsored as senators, could work more effectively now. Plus I add to co-evolve for the moment.


Plus if we had transparency in this proposed website that includes all recommendations, then we could set up groups more efficient for debates vs counting on legislators alone.


We could add detail from good science + debate the bad fragmented science that was manipulated. People with sharp sensors responsibly being a local community participant, working with locals for all to become a responsible local, global + beyond participant would then be chosen to represent as legislator.




Susan Rice May Have Major Financial Stake in Keystone Pipeline


A new investigation finds that Obama's rumored pick for head of the State Department has millions invested in Canadian oil companies and banks linked to the mega-project—which she would have ultimate authority in approving.


So if so, she then should not hold a gov position. Same with Bill Clinton, if his affiliates are proved to be doing bad science, etc. + each legislator would be tallied, as we propose in project osic.


Where students can get to the bottom of these worn torn threads that have been allowed to manipulate from 1 hand locally + afar, while yet the other hand supports the resistance to gain, or simply unaware, etc. in acts that need to be tapered off, as they either instantly stop or step down until they do.


We want local agro_ecology gauges/ practices to be tapered into every local/global community by every person, every business locally + afar.


This is our human potential now + it is our human life right to understand + to be able to have support in place to bring everyone to their local cloth/table + be plugged into our gov so all have the opportunity to make good science work for their local community.


Realizing no isolated ecological category exists. Making us interdependent on the world to link our wild biomes, our local communities, that we can work now + restore our natural enhanced potentials as we taper off what is leaving negative effects, as well the war mode + large alternative energy developments that are exceeding our local natural limits.. As local sensitive skilled people prioritize local food/fish/medicine for local sovereignty. + change the Free Trade policy which is not free, it steals from local resources, interfering in locals ability to maintain their own self-reliance with this sovereignty. + make policy for Fair Trade which requires good scientific ecological assessments for local sustainable practices as locals are allowed to work the land/sea/freshwater without those afar controlling/manipulating/grabbing as they are.


We have many products + services in dispute, from natural means to end Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, HIV/AIDS, etc. major illnesses killing many in US to pharmaceuticals/doctors gaining great profit from it not being able to end, as people are dependent for life on their drugs/ways. As well these practices going afar, when yet we have natural means at less cost, less side effects, less suffering, as many people spend energy not understanding truth to self-heal.


This also includes our products for agriculture, which still the US 2012 farm bill is yet to be clear, as GMO's, toxic pesticides/fertilizers are used that leave more ill health. Yet policy allows this bad fragmented science to gain profit as these companies are traded on the world markets. Which will stop.


Ex; in a transparent website we will have the opportunity to organize efficiently showing the people, the direct thread to the negative factors. As every local community will be working at their tallies + solutions as alternative good science gets enacted + posted in archives for local + afar to trigger their solutions as they fine tune for their ecosystem/subject/needs + offerings as they prioritize respect for life.


Where students will focus direct with us, co_evolve curriculum as community restored, as they give hands on to the many left now unable to do daily chores, as rehabs create new jobs, along with the `plan to restore, as we offer to you project osic in the building, which has many more discoveries we need to work at + can as we prioritize restoring ecological sustainable working communities that harmonize locally, sharing afar.


We welcome you to partner as we share this building process;


sincerely, kara j lincoln



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