search engine efficientcy built upon ongoing eye to eye reality.

i'll apply real time applications;


the shell oil ongoing neglect + accident in Kodiak, Ak.


it is an extreme waste of energy + resources from all, when we as public have to brign attention to the gov. when yet people get paid so highly.


not to mention all the individual detail for each person or company in neglect.


when yet we can co_evolve this + have search engine to educate us, so as ex; we express an issue next time or 1st time + instantly ideas bring us to awareness of how to notify locally + all merges.


so licenseing inspection, enforcement does not get bombarded. rather all across the board skilled sensitive for all life measures are enhnanced.


this is prehistoric with our good virtual tools, as i personally have continued to write, file/sign petitions, speak for many without, when yet others get so highly paid + allowed to be in responsible positions yet be irresponsible.


my man 40 years ago was telling gov + inspectors of oil rigs leaking + manipulating their inspection reports or workers would get blacklisted globally.


to think that gov allows so much negligence, then to need public opion is ill + dysfunctional.


so each time before destruction happens, we add early signs to inspections + hold these people accoutnable, so they don't get a license.


have to show awareness be tested repeatedly as equipment + new people come aboard or get unmaintained.


no way should leaks, lack of safe strong working ehtics, etc. continue. be allowed out of sight, yet still exist. then to have blind business look at financial perspective only.


everyone sqwaks of no jobs yet look at all the jobs required to do simply sound ecological good work.


studetns can aid engineering of software. so threads now reach out to what is needed where. + alternative statistics are on the cloth/table in every local commuity. so people are aware.


+ the microsecond these measures in prioritity high positions are not met, people/bus don`t just get fined, they loose ability to continue work. then more schooling before more license.


i can`t even imagine the work load in the harsh elements as in the artic if a oil spill as well the pudget sound as they bring equipment for repair to seattle.


with maintaining sharp sensors we don't need horror in our face to act skillfully.


we are fortunate to have many good sensitive skilled people to show us the path.


so a good seamen knows this, if worked in the elements. people must gain these experiences from seaasoned folks. not just go to school + be programmed in engineering, etc.


rather take the real working community of each local community to continue to maintain our communities.


for never can we just have a virtual tool due it.


raher every software should have eye to eye connection in real time, as then data from this work is then logged in.


so no more mishaps, rather local experience from indigenous + locals or afar folks with applications + experienced, networking with many precautions as well alternative reality.


as in if we do small local self-relaince in each community with alternative energy as a supplment only, not large energy farms, rather ecologically stay within natures` enahnced limits, as with agro_ecology/forestry/permaculture gauges.


those with reality of the sensitivity to include family lil bugs. then now maybe we would see the natural solutions vs the false green economy the world market manipulates as well as corrupt govs.


where misinformation is bought as they write the license/zoning laws, etc. which we will no longer allow.


we can network safe natural living, vs fear tactics + paranoah expense. we can lower our amps + not consume, so as to not require. + each student participates as the community stays aware.


can you imagine the personal energy conserved from all??


this can be real, we have each other now to go figure..



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