plug into effciency, i can't wait..

i will be very happy to be a local, global + beyond representitive of this medium, if you make a platform that is efficient.


maybe then i will not have to reach out seeking, I share my last request on New America, to trigger your thought in how i could plug into yours + take part;


i'v just come across you.


please tell me, it appears one donates, then we can comment, + to receive updates it is free, correct, by posting our email?


also do you know how many of these types of entities exist? i find it like a wikipedia, where a lot of good information maybe, i will read more, but if it is fragmented not showing the totality of all that do come together to make the real decisions in real time, then i would like to know please who all do this, to define whom best to focus with.


for i would like to be part of the US government policies + international affairs, working for change.

+ i would like to do it freely. beyond OFA or MyGov Or emailing the Whitehouse or legislators + getting generalized responses.


i do not want to become a member of anything that requires me to be stationary anywhere. rather i'm building a global networking project + want to participate virtually unless i happen to be local to go to a meet. i'm a free thinker + would never go on another`s wave so that i could not perceive my own globally.


but i do want to be a player involved in our global peace + if we understand our sustainable interdependence, we then build new neuro networks to make it happen. i'm not polished, self taught + had to learn Nabble`s platform for our forum, plus not on top of social technology for networking but i do use face book + twitter to trigger thought + links for our forum.


i work hard at understanding clarity. so if review my MyGov posts, you will get a gest of where i'm at + i want to work to end the war mode economy, + all weapons of mass destruction, the false green economy + we support a tapering transition for all to self-reflect + gain support that go beyond nature`s enhanced limits, as in the US + many governments now. as well feel our project osic in the building can be effective making self-reliance more friendly, support people to rid their baggage, misuse/abuse + heal, living locally + sharing globally as each realize our responsible obligations for us all to become a local, global + beyond participant.


plus i did not take part in the financial campaign + believe that should be stopped as all come together in a good virtual tool that maybe can even replace governments.


this does not take a global goverment, it takes a sustainable understanding of what co_evolves the human species plus if we do it gives us harmony + we would like to see music fill the air along with fresh local grown natural food smells as people celebrate our abilities to share this earth + beyond together. not to mention our idea of restoration opens a lot of positions for people to build careers as they self-express, far beyond just looking for a job with mixed signals, as many have been unable to process our true potential, actually many not even aware we have options.


which i'm presently finishing editing part 2 + soon to upload project osic. + then i will be collecting global school emails + representatives without schools for their communities, to then welcome them to help us build an archive, as i ask for their review to trigger their thought.


so together we share the process of building ecological sustaining working communities that harmonize. we think we have the solutions for peace if we can reach out asap. so we ask your guidance, for we also can embed or give freely to another that has the means to do this more efficiently, which we have presently offered to UN Sec Gen + now part of their forum for a recent project. so i open to where this can co_evolve.


i want to be able to network globally with my mate as we are trying to sell a small sailboat + get a larger one + carry a few nuts + bolts ( i add here) for like water desalinization plans local can do so no more large ones stop the flow of rivers needed to run into sea for our marine life, etc.


for small healthy energy developments supporting locals to be self-reliant with good gauges as in agro_ecology to restore within natures enhanced limits, balance wild biomes + link globally the process in the archive. + be active in peace negotiations now.


so can you suggest my options, please within your entity, how best to navigate like subject, as well other entities that build/restore real threads to our US gov + it's involvements globally in real time. so together we can learn some gauges with early signs, long before we push buttons.


thank you, kara j lincoln



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