how can we unite as a global family what is important to all..



in response to UNworldwewant2015, on the inequality of indigenous specifiying some detail on sustainability, i thought it would be appropriate to share here how fortunate we are, for they can set our path;


Hello + thank you for this invite,


+ thank you indigenous for fueling our path.


again i have to say i feel question 1 + 2 should not be isolated, for their is no isolated ecological categories in the real natural world.


i`d like to simplify by saying, when we utilize our human potential as indigenous have/are, they share this daily sustainable awareness of local practice so as to have structure to ones life as they grow into adult hood. sadly many communities are lost in fragmentation without this example.


so the cultural perspective is the resultant of creative expression when we prioritize function energy efficiently. so when we `boon with the land, working sensitively understanding our self in the exchange we include the entirety of this natural process.


without the cultural resultant it would be like making a beautiful recipe from natural earth + our elements that many do when live ethically with common sense as Fair Trade, when yet Free Trade exploits beyond these natural enhanced borders, that we are fortunate to have stemmed from indigenous `ways;


as with the good science created as with agro_ecology/forestry, permaculture, etc. that sadly are not being used everywhere, + could solve our social-economic not to mention build environments that when balanced with genetic bio-diversity, is our best medicine.


this is what indigenous do if they have been fortunate to not have been removed or land/water/sea grabbed from them, as many now are being left suffering/dead from this.


so culture is like eating this beautiful piece of creation. without it, it is like never having the means to finalize + bake it. + it is this fragmentation that is destroying many continually as it is being allowed to continue.


others with agendas, interests, exploit due to not having this awareness of completion, that is within our human potential. to not respect the cultures that have been created, due to these people being `boon with simple respect as they gain fuel to sustain. will then not give us the opportunity to gain the grace + potential from this exchange of it`s totality.


no where else can it be duplicated + shouldn`t be attempted.


it is this guideline with values of completion for respect for all life that gives us our self-empowerment + without it we have baggage that contributes to misuse/abuse, with inability to have neuro-networks to build our potential to have intuitive instinctual organic foundations.


which we presently have an abundance of locals that if fortunate can only tell how it used to be, that have failed to understand or have in their presence this cultural expression with completion. rather many can only ride on others wave chasing delusion, leaving one lost unable to find their own center. or looking in museums to try to understand + once again regain it..


as i `ve stated in last comment in this UN forum, i believe it is this Fair Trade that has stemmed from these values that fuel us to co_evolve as we allow these cultures to trigger us to define in retrospect how we then can define our `way, not just follow their `way, which is the pillars of their structure. for each to self-sustain;


rather with time + space in each ecosystem we define our own + are able to transverse our wilds. when yet here in US many are emotionally fear based + exploited with as ex; taking plastic buckets with bags + packaged food to then try to survive going inland from a tsunami, etc..


when yet they are codependent on western meds, many over medicated unaware of how they can taper off + into herbal formulas, change behaviors, become aware of wilderness awareness as we restore our neuro-networks. refigure our set aside wilds to sensitively work them as indigenous can show us this `way. as well the sciences created from them as with agro_ecology/forestry/permaculture.


now leaving much awareness as we seasonally work for our local food/fish/medicine sovereignty. when now many are over regulated + interfered with from people that have no clue of sustaining the elements, when yet these locals work it + now have to comply, even to the point of ex;


commercial fisher folks not being able to choose the weather dates, + have to comply to regulated dates leaving them at high risk in bad weather at sea to catch our food. how bad is that.

when yet locals can go directly with local principals, sit down eye to eye + work thru this, so those that work the elements guide the regulatory boards. for no matter if you use the word cultural or of local knowledge, it is all the same..


+ we all can gain much from their local experience via like ecosystem/subject for guidance to come + share their input, if locally have none aware, which is in many places in the US with food deserts, etc..


as we invite all in our archive in the building of project osic, to do just this sharing of these processes. as we look at restoring our ecological sustainable working communities to harmonize. that in essence would have people continue to create cultural experiences, each area being unique with how people create with the natural resources within their healthy enhanced limits..


this is such a bi`joy experience to feel + see this alignment of real energy efficiency, far beyond mythology.


for this is true fuel for motion for life. without this pillar the etak equation cannot be completed, leaving us without motion to experience the bi`joy of exploration or our ability to co_evolve with good health. leaving our sensors dull, when yet we can maintain discipline over our self-sensory observation keeping us with sharp sensors, perceiving long before chaos appears.


with real signs we can learn to respond to. utilizing our inner tools once we have the option to do this awareness sharing;


to rid our baggage from so many in pockets living with dysfunction from misuse or abuse, due to not experiencing this natural flow of what the real world can give us. when we retain simple respect for all life + not get caught up in verbiage deviating, isolating, leaving parts in files, etc.


i think if you look at the majority of American western ways, you will see these ill effects. which all globally require compassion for we all have been guilty at some time in contributing, unable to know we should pursue our own awareness to do the same.


yet our neuro-networks of the human processing has a wide range we can easily get stuck in, when yet to know how to center + ground our applications.


+ when we have so much Free Trade that is not Free, it exploits us when we have yet to develop a sound foundation, + as in US many people push their own agenda’s leaving curriculum`s/students to have to qualify to those needs, which have no good science facts in these indigenous values, leaving them more distraught.


but if you look at the folks that follow good science that has stemmed from these cultures, you will see these patches` of sustainability that then can fuel ones path as each is supported to build it as they walk it into their opening. working on living local with good agro_ecology/forestry/permaculture practices, creating local + supplying locals.


then part time collectively networking for this ability to be had by all as we share this earth together as a human family, being able to transverse equally as we have the opportunity to become aware to then respectfully `boon with the natural world + all life in it.


creating sensitive guidelines for this equality/activism/exchange/respect for all life/policy building/petitions, etc. so i know the movement is real but i know we need to better organize for efficiency. but i am yet to be clear in UN should be the chosen one. so i'm open to this discussion of how best to unite.


+ i know my footprint is veryyy small, + i have to ask those of you whom think you have the answer to share yours. for a lot of life is being neglected, while yet a lot of useless unbacked pieces of paper are being created to support certain agendas. + if you look at the history of the Congo, this corruption has been supported costly to continue. + those of us that simply live refuse to support those that waste abundant.


when yet we can rethink this + prioritize. + i've suggested in our project osic in the building to strengthen those locally that are already sound. then giving them more leverage to reach out farther, to stop aid coming in or supported to come in from those corrupt.


this `way with indigenous/local awareness prioritizing local food/fish/medicine, can then tell us their real needs to aid those neighbors around them, for they are the ones already living with respect for life. they are not the ones corrupting it.


so if we set platforms to listen to these people, they then can fuel the path for all to gain the exchange needed to self sustain. building sustainable communities, that we all are interdependent on, that we all need to understand.


for those corrupting are interfering in our natural world which effects our ability to balance our genetic bio-diversity + restore working communities, so all can be maintained in good health by them self with support in place.


which is what the world requires as we all must link for our efficiency to heal + educate, being fortunate to have these skills to guide us:


for no good sustainability will happen if the Free trade does not become Fair Trade co_evolved from these indigenous values.


this is our choice, yet many are left unaware. do you want to smell + taste + feel good from this recipe, or do you want to continue to only smell it from afar.... sadly as many do, yet never come close to having a bite or becoming aware of how to follow the recipe of building the soil below their feet;


as many are left in these pockets` unable to utilize their own resources due to the exploitation of Free Trade thru out the world.


as well the many manipulating puppet governments/private fly ins from those that then purchase illegally to take local resources back to their home, leaving no gain for the locals, only for the infrastructure falsely put in that encumbers gov/bus to succeed without transparency, globally.


so the more we can support indigenous sustainability, the more transparency we will have to stop those abusing, as well build our natural world that all good health is dependent on.


thank you + we invite all to continue this discussion. + perhaps with your segregated formats, can best be addressed in your economic inequality platform, if i understand correctly.


so we can tally names, events + structure UN or define whom best globally to aid + end this corruption.


we have solutions from ethnic indigenous `ways to build clean space/earth/air/water. for us to sustain from as we experience applications to share the awareness. as we propose in our project osic, archive in the building + would appreciate all to support or suggest + we restructure support to another global entity. for we are grass roots, with solutions, yet have yet to fund raise as we are simplifying + could use the support;


or email me directly;


+ we will continue this Fair Trade discussion + how we can taper in to local practices with good gauges.


if we can stop the corruption locally as we network for global support, when yet locally we cannot succeed.. + prioritize these early signs we all can become aware of. so when one is uncomfortable, perceiving, we can reach out + share.


not await until illness forms or having to run from our homes, as many then having no home to run too as with Myanmar, Congo shows good examples of the quantities over looked, left displaced with out being able to have the government they vote for. as well we have lists of many in every local community that also are left without.


so i am ashamed that Hillary Clinton + Barack Obama failed to tell the American people of these stories, as Ex; in their last visit to Myanmar or Ex; in their supposedly attempt to block the UN last special group report on the Congo findings.


see this is where we need to globally unite, along with networking locally, to define the truth so we can then better rethink + act with early signs + not wait for these gov/businesses dysfunctions to lead our path or interrupt.. as we also continue to work with them + UN to further define these realities.


so we need to set precedence of priorities + we feel the students in every community + reps for those without schools or without communities, can help now as we share this awareness.


so we have real story to respond to, especially if create as we propose a common denominator of this good science from indigenous.


so we are all on the same page with our restoration for our local communities.


again i offer our project osic in the building to share this process so we can organize so people unite + some how we over come the gov/businesses that are wrongfully doing + welcome them to partner as me make sound efficient tapering transitions working into prioritizing care for those in need, rehabs + then a new local `plan land/freshwater use to sea review.


so now locals control their own local sovereignty + investors going thru tapering awareness of the local needs + offerings then invest in them, not come in + fragment, disrupting the local `plan.


rather now we locally go to our planning devisions if fortunate to have + stop the large developments/corrupt people/businesses from developing;


as we network defining our enhanced natural limits. accepting nothing less as they then stop + adjust + correct, so we still welcome them to partner but to do it sustainably the `way we know it can be.


not from scientists that have sold out as engineers, to corrupt gov/people, using the words sustainable, etc.


for sadly after seeing all the resolutions left in the UN files, as well the ongoing lack of prioritizing in the US, being inefficient, leaving life behind in every community.


+ we have yet to keep up with enforcement contributing, yet much waste of resources, that could be better directed to this chaos..


so each local community has good wages for this restoration, so as to stop young people that are addicted stealing, making life unsafe, yet they get taken to jail not quickly, rather after several experiences, then to be taken in + discharged due to no funds to house + rehabbed them sensitively.


this is our local experience now. same with mental health, no funds so people are being released. so areas that house these thieves, also house low income that can only get low income jobs, that should not exist.


+ local communities should be working with simply Fair Trade, for the fees to give food stamps/medical/welfare, not to mention stolen goods + safety be high, + jail time as drug addicts are left unrehabbed + let out to do the same is costly on the community.


Ex; at a local open discussion over a new proposed 3 million dollar renovation for a bicycle trail on a very dangerous piece of road for 1 mile. which would include widening the road, putting in culverts, locals having more stability vs. having to be so careful not to hit one, as well be exploited from those rude as they stop in their drive ways blocking them.


these our tourists of supposedly 2200 bicyclists that then purchase 3000. US dollar, each supporting the state of Oregon. so i use this as an example for it would take us to go to legislators to change this distribution of funds allocated for the bike/transportation kitty.


so do you not think we all should do this over view for our safety covering all aspects, same with the local sovereignty giving locals that work, `boon with the elements, priority to lead our path? as well those living in Crises as in the genocides should be put high on the list, don`t ya think?


sincerely, i`m interested in taking part in this change with you, as i work for change now, kara j lincoln



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