MyGov Platform/APP

MyGov Platform/APP


Connect and Educate.


Create a MyGov platform to house everything that makes up the government. This would allow legal residents and citizens of the US to log on to access its contents. People should be able to sign petitions and voice their opinions on current issues and matters that concern them. It will require the use of SS # and pin for legitimate verification; this will also help to ensure that feedback is coming from people within the US itself and not outside of the US. Each person should have their own space / profile, MyGov should save searches of audio files and other searches of interest. People should be able to access MyGov on their phones, computers, televisions, and radios.


MyGov APP: Should be a linked government network, to an open phone line with special filtered audio connection to prevent outside or non US interference. Implementing this will allow people to tune in to planned audio events and be kept up to date with what’s going on within the Government and the country.


MyGov Computer Sessions: Should be engaging, interactive and resourceful.


MyGov TV: Should be set up to reach all audiences.

MyGov Radio: Should broadcast all things GOV. State representatives and other Government officials should be scheduled to carry out live radio programs.


MyGov Access Ports: Should be where people can access facts about their Governments.


MyGov Group Meetings: Monthly group meetings can be scheduled to bring people together where they can meet their State representatives and be kept up to date with current issues.


Esla Sinclair


Idea No. 329