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(A small project to start and a revolution if implemented)



A solution to reduce death rate of farmers which is on high rise in India. Each and every individual of our country at any place or any position or situation definitely feels sad when we listen that one of the most hardworking person lost his life in the quest to produce the food (crop) to feed people of the nation.


By going through a lot of pain and a lot of thinking regarding this issue, have come up with a small suggestion however it can be best implemented by the government agencies.



Government agency doing farming on behalf of farmers with the use of labors from the family.


As we have all seen the poor farmers take loans from banks or other individuals to do farming hoping that they will get good crop by which they can clear the loans and as well as earn some money for their living. Due to improper planning, bad climatic situations, wrong seeds, poor water facilities for the land, wrong crop selection for the land, unscientific farming and many other major things the farmer might lose the crop and in the fear of repaying the loans commits the suicide.


The best way to solve this problem would be government taking up the responsibility of farming and also looking out for the revenue for the government too.




To stat with the government can go by a small village to try for the possibilities.


Identifying the poor families of the village. (Village panchayats can give the list of farmers to start with and also can register the same family members for the labor work)

Identifying the lands and the crop for farming of the families using all the facilities available for the farming (land testing, weather conditions, etc)by Government.

Using the crop insurance if losses occur.

Using all available agricultural machineries as the government is working on more land.

Using people from the group of families and making payment for them which will also solve labor problem.

Using used water (without chemicals) for agriculture. Government can have dedicated tankers for supplying this water to the land and also use tanker sprinklers to give water to land.

Using waste managemet to produce fertilizers for the land.

Government can work in co-ordination with all the departments (Agricultural, horticultural, Weather, agricultural tool industry) to get the work done.

Government will not face labor problem, as it already has the group and can use it as required.


By doing all this, definitely one can assure the desired crop can be got from the land.


Benefits for farmer:


Farmer is always happy to see his land with crop even with losses. By this plan the farmer will always be happy because he is never at losses. He is getting the wages for working as labour and also to support Government can provide a crop which gives permanent revenue (Coconut, Mango, etc).


Now the main important benefit for farmer is getting the share of the profit of the crop. The government can work out a share ratio for the investment for the farming and the investment of land by farmer for this purpose. May be 30:70 or 40:60 (Government: Farmer). By this the farmer is always at benefit and the suicides will automatically come down.


Benefits for the Government:


Supporting the farmer when he is alive than giving compensations for his death.

Even the Government is at monetary benefits of the crop. If it fails the crop insurance will take over.

Creating a vey huge amount of jobs at the low level which is the highest need of the county. By this urbanization can be reduced.

Slowly the people can improve, lands can be improved and water storage system of the lands can be improved.

One main aspect now the subsidiaries can be directly applied on the lands instead of going to cons.

The mid level brokers can be avoided.

Slowly the Government can bring in Private sector which can go by this and directly use for retailing.

There is always enough food for the county.


We all know that Government spends a lot of money for agricultural subsidies and for compensations, but never know the benefits are reaching the needy. This entire infrastructure is readily available for Government and can use it as it is working on more land, whereas the famer is at risk to bring in all this for his small land.

Slowly government is creating huge jobs which are most benefiting to country.


The most important, we want to see all farmers happy after all the hard work they put in. Never we want to see any farmer giving his life for providing food to the country.



We know that there is lot of accounting required. We have to make sure that corruption does not come up from this. If happened, then only the middle men from government to farmers will be benefited.


A happy farmer is a happy India.


Jai Jawan Jai Kisan


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