Indian railway is the world's second largest network in the world,the cheapest railway network in the world.its shameful thing that the world's second biggest railway's has no place in top 10 when it comes to quality.Even inferior nations to us has better railway service.So here is my plan to change the quality of Indian trains. The idea starts from here.Here the train compartments have a special LED screen displaying the chart of that compartment and when the passenger comes there he keep his ticket containing QR code to the sensor near the LED display and it shows the confirmation of the passenger and if he belongs to another compartment it will show the direction of the compartment like if it is s4 then it shows left side for s3.Then your berth contains a LED which shows either red or green.when a person sits on the berth without verification it glows red so that the TT can know that the person has not verified and the TT won't have the charts in his hand.He will have an TAB which has the train list and if he permits and verifies then it glows to green.Its an electronics mechanism and if the TT has seen red colour such that he has not yet verified and he needs to pay some fine and this fine is related to the government server and whatever he fines it will redirectly assigned to indians government account.such that we can caluclate the efficiency of the TT and we can eradicate the excess fine from the TT.I have alot of plans regarding this but i can't elongate without any video display.


Idea No. 331